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Keywords Appears in Top-Level Domain

For years, SEO Specialists have purchased domains that contains keywords in order to increase CTR and to gain higher in search engine rankings like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Many SEO Specialists still prefer EMDs (Exact Match Domains) in order succeed in search engine rankings. Google gives more importance to Keywords appears in Domain Names. Some of the bloggers don't agree with this. But fact is fact. For example you take following websites (Exact Match Domains)
  • www.2createawebsite.com
  • www.4creatingawebsite.com
  • www.website.com 
  • www.2createwebsites.com
So these are the websites exclusively for the keywords "How to Create a Website". In the same way you take Part Time Jobs, Online Jobs, Internet Jobs and so on. So now you understand the importance of Keywords appears in top-level domain name. So there are more advantages with EMDs. sites.
  1. Keywords in Domain Name itself a ranking factor. It clearly indicates the content of the website.
  2. Keywords in Domain Name encourage other webmasters to give links to your website.
  3. Keywords phrase in Anchor Text when linking to the website.
  4. Most Keywords in Domain Names already registered. So it's hard to get now. Keywords rich domain otherwise called as "Premium Domains
  5. Keywords in Domain Name always easy to brand in open market. 
  6. Advertisers eager to give advertisements in Keywords Rich Domain Names.
  7. CTR always very high for Keywords Rich Domain Names.
Next we come to SEO.
  • Searchengineland.com
  • Searchenginewatch.com
  • Searchenginejournal.com
  • www.seo.com

Google consider Keywords in Domain Name as a Relevancy Signal

Domain names with Bold letters always indicates that Google still giving more importance to Keywords in Domain Name.

Keywords in Domain Name

Keywords in Domain Name for Better SEO

What other webmasters says about this :
+Suresh Khanal : Very very important as long as Google do not suspect you are spamming. High quality website with matching domain name is worthy.
+Tony John : Keywords in domain are important for small players who depend on keywords to drive traffic. But big ones like Alexa, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, Flipkart, Kohls, Facebook, twitter, linkedin etc do not have any keywords in their domains.
+Rohit Asare : Yes. for better SERP, Domain name must be according to blog niche. thats why i chose BLOGGERHERO.
From the above examples it clearly shows how webmasters gives importance to Keywords Rich Domain Names.

It's over to you now. Whether you prefer EMDs or any domain name with high-quality content. What you say on this, share your views below in the comment section. If you like this post consider sharing with your friends on Social Media.

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How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

But, my suggestion is your domain name should have mixture of both (Domain Name with Keywords and Brading) For Example : 2createawebsite.com - my site 2createablog.com and also tellmeabout.in So I have two domains which are keyword rich domains and also branding one. In that aspect I am luckiest one.

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Next: Keywords as First Word in A Domain Name

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