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Domain Age vs Domain Name

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The difference between 6 months old domain and 1 year old is not that much make a difference in search engine rankings. Google gives importance only to your content not to your domain name. Google mainly focus on following factors :
  1. Content of Your Site
  2. Domain Name Relevancy, Page Speed, URL Structure
  3. Meta Description
  4. Social Signals
  5. Links from authority sites in same niche or category.
  6. There is no connection between Domain Age and Google Page Rank
  7. There is no connection between Domain Age and Indexing.
  8. First of all Google not considering Domain Age while indexing your site or posts from your site. 
  9. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO matter the most.
  10. Google+1's always have an advantage while indexing your posts on Google SERP.
Is Domain Age Really Matters?

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How much does a domain's age affect its ranking?

Over to you now. You can share your views in the comment section.

Bottom Line : Most of my blogging friends have a little bit of confusion with Domain Age and Domain Name. Google Gives importance to Domain Name with Keywords only not Domain Age.

For example : It's almost impossible to register a domain name with keywords now, but say 10 years back it's was easy for them to register any domain name with exact keywords. Because of that now their websites ranking well in search engines. For example you take this website www.2createawebsite.com and www.bloggingtips.com both are ranking very well in search engines. Both websites getting atleast 25k to 30k visitors daily. This is amazing. So hereafter don't confuse yourself with Domain Age and Domain Name. It's domain name matter the most in search engines. Not Domain Age remember this.

Hope you also accept my view in this matter. This is the 1st Algorithm of Google. I am going to discuss all 200+ Google Algorithm through this blog. So don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn all 200+ algorithm at place. Share your own thoughts on this.

Domain Age vs Domain Name with Keywords. Which is best for SEO?

Now we move on to the 2nd Chapter of Google Algorithm for SEO. Keywords in a Domain Name is Important or Not?
Next: Keywords in a Domain Name is Important or Not?

Google Algorithm: #1 : Is Domain Age an Important Factor in Google Rankings? - Video

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