Google Algorithm for SEO 

Domain History and Google Indexing

  • Google Algorithm : #6
  • Webmaster Level : All 
Domain History - Google Algorithm #6

Even though there is no much connection between Domain History and Google Indexing. But to some extent Google gives importance to Domain History. Domain Age always an important factor in indexing your site in search engine rankings. I know some webmasters disagree with this. But fact is fact. Domain history always have some impact over the search results. There is huge difference between 5 years old domain and 1 year old domain. More years always tells Google to take consideration about the site mainly number of backlinks pointing towards that domain. More dofollow links can make the domain much more strong competitor in Google SERP. This is the 6th algorithm of Google.

You can verify the age of the Domain through Domain History - WHO IS Lookup.

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