Google Algorithm for SEO

Exact Match Domain (EMD)

  • Google Algorithm: 7
  • Webmaster Level: All
Exact Match Domain (EMD) always have an edge when your website fully filled with high-quality content. But if your site is low-quality one then it's vulnerable one when EMD updates happens.

Matt Cutts on EMD (Exact Match Domain)

Google's spam head Matt Cutts states that "New exact-match domain (EMD) also affects 0.6% of English-US queries to a noticeable degree. Unrelated to Panda / Penguin Updates".

Even though Matt Cutts says like this. But still EMD Domains plays well in Google Search Rankings.
For example :
  • How to Create a Website 
  • Can be written as 2createawebsite.
  • How to Create a Blog
  • Can be written as 2createablog.
  • What are all the thing to be required for creating a website
  • Can be written as 4creatingawebsite.
  • So, now you understand the importance of having exact match keywords in a domain name.
  • Sometimes people also put (-Hyphen) between the keywords.
  • For example: 
  • How-to-Create-a-website.
So Google crawler will easily identify these types of domains and listed in the top 10 of Google search results. If you believe it or not Godaddy selling these domain names with hypen as Premium Domains. Starts from Rs.18,000/- to Rs.6,50,000/- Now you understand the importance of having keywords rich domain names. 

Over to you now, what you say on EMD (Exact Match Domain) be a part of Google Top 200 Algorithm. If you like this post then consider sharing with others. You can also share your thoughts on this.

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