Google Algorithm for SEO

Sub-domain in Search Rankigns

  • Google Algorithm: #5
  • Webmaster Level: All
After researching for more than 5 years. I now understand "Keywords in Sub-domain Name" is ALSO important for search engine rankings. It will boost your search engine traffic to the larger extent. Infact this is the 5th search algorithm of Google. It's also the 5th one in Domain Factor SEO. 

Keywords in Subdomain Name

So now onwards don't worry if you not get the desired domain name. Better create your preferred keywords as your Sub-domain name. For example :  www.2createablog.com and my sub-domain is http://seo-training-in-india.2createablog.com. So now you understand the importance of Keywords in the Sub-domain. One famous research says Keywords in Subdomain Name is 52.8% so it's quite high percentage.
  1. Sub-domain now considered as Internal links by Google
  2. Sub-domain is better than using Sub-folders or Category or Label
  3. Sub-domain is better than creating separate domain, because of domain age factor and quality back links already existing for your main domain
  4. You can create your sub-domain via Cpanel for WordPress users
  5. You can create your own sub-domain via Domain Management with Godaddy Dashboard, if you're using Blogger Platform your site.
  6. Sub-domain helps in Google Sitelinks.
  7. Sub-domain created with self-hosted blogs better than creating sub-domain with blogspot.com or wordpress.com sites. So either go for WordPress, create a main domain and then go for sub-domain or if you're using Blogger Platform then register for custom domain then go for sub-domain.
  8. Sub-domain is easy to crawl and easy to index your site. Because your sub-domain itself a ranking factor and gives ideas to search engines about your website content.
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