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Public Vs Private Whois

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At the time of registration of your domain name, you can make your personal information to be public or private.

Private Whois - Private Domain Registration

Probably, when you register a domain name, you were asked to mention your personal details on the site whether it is business or for personal site.  What most people do is going for public registration, where your personal information is shared to the visitors.  This makes anyone of the web to do a WHOIS search for any domain names that your own and also the search results show all the information of you like country name, address, phone number, e-mail id and all the information you have entered, whereas a private registration of domain names helps you to hide all the personal information from the visitors point of view.

Private registration provides and protects your privacy.  It also helps you by preventing receiving any unwanted request or petitions.  With this registration you can share only what is needed about you to the visitors and not all the unwanted stuff.  It is very safe and like being in control.

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