Google Algorithm for SEO

Country Top Level Domain Extension

  • Google Algorithm: 10
  • Webmaster Level: All
International Networking maintaing domain extensions for each country to make some good performance within their nation. These extensions are available in two letter country codes.

Country TLD Extension

These Country Top Level Domain (TLD) Extensions are like .in - India, .au - Australia, .cn - China, .ca - Canada, .fr - France, .jp - Japan, etc.  These extensions helps to increase the site rank for that particular country. But it limits the site's ability ranking universally.  Any citizen from their country can have their own country extension.

If you're running a business in a particular country. Then country level domain is very useful for your business. It can reach large number of audience in your country. You can easily target them. Search engines easily understand that you're running a business in a particular country. So that it can be easy for them to index your site.

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