Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

If not, do it now or it's too late to react. Because Google Update is coming up shortly on 21st April 2015. It's officially announced today. One thing is very clear, whether your site has quality content or not? That is a different story altogether. But Google wants to give more important to Mobile users.

More and more people started using mobile-internet so Google decided to introduce new algorithm based on this requirement. Depending on the usage patterns, user query the search results has been modified according to mobile users needs.

Mobile Friendly Sites Test

You could read Google Algorithm before proceeding to the next paragraph. So that you can understand this post better.

Your site must be configured properly and viewable in all mobile devices.

Hereafter you will see more and more mobile friendly websites on Google search results pages.

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More relevant App content in Google search results pages. So these are the two new algorithms added to the Google search algorithm.

Starting from 21st April 2015, Google expanding use of mobile-friendliness as ranking signal.

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If you want to test few pages of your website(s) then do it here with Mobile-Friendly Site Testing Tool.

How to Submit Your Mobile Friendly Site to Google Webmaster Tools

Here is the step-by-step tutorial.

1. Log into Google Webmaster Tools account.

2. Select your website from the Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard.

3. In the left Navigation Bar go to Crawl - Select Fetch as Google option

Fetch as Google

4. In the drop down menu select - Mobile:Smartphone option and directly click the Fetch and Render button without putting anything on the empty box. It will automatically shows Redirected after few seconds of crawling.

5. If your site is mobile friendly one. Then it will show Complete in the status column. Otherwise it shows Redirected (but still your site not directed to mobile version that is the meaning). So make sure in the status column it should show Completed. Then click the Redirected link or directly enter /?m=1 in the box and click Fetch and Render.

6. You just submit the home page of your site and click Fetch and Render option. There is no need to submit all the pages of your site.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial post. If you have any doubts or questions please post it below. I am ready to help you.

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