Now-a-days every websites and blogs offering some cool eBooks and Video tutorials at free of cost. But usually these sites insist their site visitors to Sign-up for their e-mail newsletter to get the things for free. I tell you the exact method which I am following to fool the webmaster and also by the way you can also get the freebies that you want badly, without spamming your inbox with their useless newsletters.

Fool Webmaster

First we should sign-up for those newsletters, then we will receive that download link - Download the eBook (or) watch that video.
Try to open that Download page with the different browser and see whether the link has been open or not. If it is open then share those links with your friends and also bookmark that page for your future reference. If it is not open, then simply download that eBook and save it in your local computer.
If it is video then download that video with the help of various Video download tools. Finally you downloaded that video also.
Now go to your inbox and click that particular email link and see where is the link for "Unsubscribe". 
Now click the "Unsubscribe" button or the Unsubscribe link, things done
Now you've downloaded the free eBook.
Now you've downloaded the free video too.
Now that webmaster not able to contact you or spam your inbox by his / her useless newsletters. This is the right strategy to fool any webmaster.
Because you can't allow too many webmasters to send their email newsletters to your inbox and make your inbox full of spam. Sometimes what happen these e-mails fully occupy your inbox and you're not able to see the important e-mails from your friends and relatives or from your customers or your dealers. So that e-mails are more important than these e-mail newsletters.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Share this useful tutorial with your social media friends and help to them to get rid of spam e-mails. Thank you

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