Link Building Strategies

Follow these instructions for better SEO Rankings.

Link Building Strategies

SEO Tips : Actually don't use

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3. Read this post..................

4. Also Read this post...............

It clearly tells the inside story. That you have no knowledge in SEO.

You have to give the link inside the post. I mean select the exact keyword(s) inside the paragraph and then give link to exactly matching pages of your site. Don't put separate tag for this. Suppose if you don't want to give links from paragraphs or you don't have related search keywords in your post(s).

Then you can do whatever you want to do...but preferably

You can do the following. Put the below tag at the end of your post(s).

Read this :



You can use the list option either Bullet Points or Numbering. But
preferably for these type of posts. Always use Bullet Points. If your
list inside the post or between the paragraph then you can use
Numbering. But at the end of the post means you can always use Bullet
Points instead of Numbers.

Important Note : Don't inject the
keyword(s) into your posts or paragraphs
. Keyword(s) should be forming
part of the posts. Suppose if you inject the keyword(s), it clearly sends the wrong signal to Google that the keyword(s) were injected and it's not a natural way to give links either
to inner pages of your site or external pages of the web. So build your
links wisely. Otherwise pay the penalty.

Links of any web page should not exceed 100 links in total. Restrict the links within 100 in all the pages.

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