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This is the first tutorial of this series "how to steal your competitor's web traffic". You already know, how difficult it is to get traffic to your website. You've tried all the methods to get traffic to your site. some of them are successful and some of them not. The reason is you're not follow the right methods to get traffic. But don't worry, I am here to help you to show the exact method I am following to get the right amount of traffic to your site and in other sense, the targeted traffic which is necessary to achieve your goals. 

Steal Your Competitors Traffic

Register a Domain Name Extension Which Your Competitors Owns

Frankly speaking there is no permanent friend or permanent enemy in blogosphere. Everybody here to make money. If this is the case, then registering a domain name (extension) which your friend or enemy or your competitors owns is not a bad idea or bad thing to do. In 2008, I started my blogging career, at that time nobody came forward to help me in blogging or seo. I learned everything through Wikipedia, 2createawebsite, Google Blogs, Yahoo Answers etc. I am basically a commerce post-graduate. So I have no idea about blogging or seo. So each and everything I learned on my own. But at that time itself I've decided if I have a website then it should be with targeted keywords. After thoroughly analyze the website 2createawebsite. then I said myself I made a right decision. I went to Godaddy and search for the extensions of 2createawebsite. But ended-up on a losing side. There is was no extension available for this site. 

Then, I searched for 2createablog.com that site also not available actually the present website of mine was already registered by somebody and running it. But I've waited for more than 6 years to register this wonderful keyword rich domain site. But finally I got success with it. Another thing, I already tried with the same site with .org and .net extension but my intention is very clear. If I have a website then it should be on .Com but no other extension. 

After sometime, I came to know "tell me about" is the familiar keyword on the Web. So I tried to buy this domain with .Com extension frankly speaking I tried every option but I got only .In extension. Because other extensions already sold out. If you type tell me about in the Google Search Box. Then scroll your mouse to the bottom of the search result page. You'll search lot of LSI keywords. Wow, this is just amazing. So I have lot of option and scope to develop this site in a right way. In-fact this keyword I can use it for any other niche, not only blogging and tech. That's why if you take my site tellmeabout.in you'll find all the niche listed there. It is completely a news cum information site. 

In the same way, recently I registered AhaNow.in 

Actually I tried several methods to purchase Ahanow.com. But it is not available. Another thing Aha-now.com registered by Harleena Singh and its domain extensions also not available. The only good thing here Ahanow.in is available. So I immediately registered it and also published one post on it. 

Bottom Line : Aha-now.com at present receiving more than 40K Visitors daily through various sources. It includes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. So my decision of purchasing the domain name Ahanow.in extension is 100% right. Most important thing here 23% of the web traffic via Google Organic Search typing Aha Now in the Google search box and coming to this site. So this opened my eyes. Wow! Once again I made it a right decision. Another vital thing about this site the time spent on this site is simply amazing yes you're right 12 hours and more. That is remarkable. You can't expect more than this for a site.

Now I am concentrating on the posts to my site with .in extension. Hope I find a right post and publish it then I can easily get good amount of traffic and I am expecting atleast 10K visitors daily to this site. 

Here you have a question, this guy I always talking about "Domain Name with Keywords" but suddenly he registered this site Ahanow.in what is the special reason behind this or he totally forget the seo. My answer is so simple. Yes you're right Registering a domain name with keywords always performing well in organic search rankings. But you should not forget the branding and authority of the domain on the other side. Yes the owner of Aha-now.com already build 1000's SORRY!  tons of backlinks for this site with her comments and different sites and also she is popular figure and friends of many in social media. So there is already this site making huge impact on search engines. Now the webmaster of this site doing perfect SEO. Frankly speaking there is no errors or warnings in her web pages. If this is the case, I have to face stiff challenge in Google search pages. But she makes me easier because of her branding. So that helps me to move further. 

I know your mind also thinking the same like me. Whether I also follow the same method of registering the domain extension of a popular domain. Yes, you made it. But the thing you must be master in SEO to do that. Because if the visitors their name say for example take the above site Aha Now. Your site also come to first page of Google. For that you've to work very hard. It is not that easy as you think. You've work very hard say atleast you require minimum of 25 to 60 posts and all the post you have to do on-page and off-page seo perfectly and make sure you made sufficient backlinks to support. Then I am sure "Game is On". 

Beating a popular website is not a easy job. First you should have a complete analyzes report of that site in terms of their Backlinks, Traffic Sources, Social Media Links, On-Page and Off-Page SEO. If you done that perfectly then every chance of beating them in Google is easy and finally their site moves to 2nd place for the same keyword which users typing for a long time. 

Second tutorial on the same topic coming soon...so stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to get the latest. Here in this blog you can learn all the secrets of building perfect backlinks. In-fact I am going to publish all the posts about building backlinks here. You need not pay anything for this. Just subscription is enough. Thank you guys.

We'll see you in another seo tutorial. Over to you. Share your feedback and comments about this post and the site. Thank you.

Important Note : Register only .com / .org / .net or your country extensions like .in

Don't register any other extensions it will not work.

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