SEO Friendly Domain Name - Introduction

First we start this tutorial with a positive note. Suppose if you have a domain name (which is SEO Friendly) that too with high paying keywords mainly connected to your niche then it's easy for Google to understand what is your site about? and it's also easy for adsense crawler to crawl your site faster and show the relevant ads on your site almost immediately. Suppose, if you have a fancy domain name, even though your site is high authority it take almost 100 to 200 posts before deciding which is the best ads for your site and which is the best category your site exactly fit into.
"If your domain name is not having keywords, then I don't think you can rank for important keyword(s) or phrase in Google search rankings. Even you build sufficient backlinks to support your post(s)"

Whether I can add a new category to my existing site?

Yes, you can add as many categories as you like to your site. But those categories are 100% relevant to your niche.

For Example : If your site is related to LifeStyle then you can add categories like Fashion, Beauty, Wellbeing, Health and Fitness, Food and Drink, Life, Travel, Parenting, Photos, Videos and finally Horoscope. But you can't add categories like Blogging and Technology. 

What is going to happen if you add Blogging and Technology category to your Lifestyle blog?

First and foremost thing you're confusing the Google crawler. Because of that slowly Google stop showing your new posts in their search index.  AdSense crawler unable to crawl your site correctly and start displaying irrelevant ads. Advertisers also get confused with your site and they're not in a position to give advertisement anymore to your site. Because going on adding a new category which is not related to your niche is like you're going to shut down your site sooner or later. In-fact this is one of the main factor for your future blogging failure.

Moral of the story : You're not only losing organic traffic from Google but your site also losing traffic from all the other search engines. AdSense income also gone. So you've no other option other than shut down your site which was running successfully for more than 5 years or more. So don't do this silly mistakes. Even a small mistake leads to closed down of your well established site.

I Know it's too Late

Last but not least - Your subscribers also unsubscribe your blog. Because they came to your blog to read LifeStyle related articles, but you're going on sending blogging and technology related articles to their inbox. Most of the subscribers never show interest on reading other articles apart from their own interest. So you're losing valuable subscribers in other words hard-earned subscribers. Building subscribers is not that easy as you think. But losing subscribers is very easy. By doing these type of silly mistakes you're exactly doing that. Another important thing, none of the subscribers will tell you why they unsubscribe your blog. You have find out the reason yourself. The story become bad to worse now. So to avoid this go to the solution section below and read the rest of the post.


Now come to the solution part. What to do, to avoid this blogging failure? What are the precautionary measures you have to take now? Sadly, your loyal readers are related to Blogging and Technology blogs and they're showing more interest in writing Guest posts in your blog. So you have no other option other than adding those blogging and technology category to your website. So, What to do next? is your question. Ya I understand your feelings. Now I show you the exact method what I am doing with my blogs. Yes, you're dead right. You've to create a sub-domain for your blog. Like the below one.


If you have a forum then your sub-domain name is like this (because in forum, I am 100% you'll add more niches and categories which are not related to your main niche) so it is advisable to create sub-domain instead of creating a category for the forum.






So, this is the right way to proceed if you want to add more niches to your existing site. You have to do this at the beginning stage of your website itself. Suppose if your site already crossed more than 50 posts to 100 posts with blogging and technology related articles. Then it's very hard to transfer all the posts to newly created sub-domain. So be cautious before creating or adding new niches to your site.

Hope you enjoy this article.
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