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Facebook SEO: 7 Actionable Tips to Increase Your Facebook Followers

Facebook SEO – Introduction

Why you have to learn Facebook SEO? What is the necessity of learning Facebook SEO? I am sure one day you’ll be thinking of starting an online business that time you will come to know the importance Facebook followers and Facebook business opportunities. That time you feel sad. Because you don’t know or not aware of Facebook SEO. I mean optimizing your Facebook Status Update to make most out of it. But that problem now solved by reading this post till the end. Another thing I promise still there are a lot of post coming up in this category so subscribe to my blog to get latest and also subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get the latest videos on YouTube SEO and Facebook SEO.

Facebook SEO - Facebook SEO Training Course in Chennai, India

Facebook SEO – Facebook Search Engine Optimization

In this post, I am going to show you how to increase your Facebook followers by 200% immediately by following these 7 actionable tips you’ll see increase in traffic to your website and also increase in followers. This is the easiest method to increase traffic to your Facebook Profile Page, Facebook Group and finally your Facebook Fan Page or Facebook Business Page.

If you ask me what are all the areas I want to improve to get Facebook followers quickly?

I suggest you one thing, YES you’re absolutely right it is improving the FIRST SENTENCE of your Facebook Status Update.

You probably know they’re important, but just to make sure you really appreciate the impact status update have on the volume and quality of traffic you bring to your blog consider these following points:

Eight our of 10 people will read the FIRST SENTENCE of your status update, but only TWO out of 10 will read the rest of your post.

That sounds pretty grim, doesn’t it?

1. Keep things POSITIVE

The FIRST sentence of your Facebook Status Update always is an important one not only in getting likes, shares and comments but also importantly in getting FOLLOWERS.

So take care while you posting updates on Facebook.

Positive Quotes, Positive Thoughts, Positive Ideas, Thinkable Ideas, Actionable Ideas, Business Ideas.

Facebook Followers - Facebook SEO Training Course Chennai

So that it will engage your audience to give like to your post and they also share with their friends on Facebook. Finally they also leave comments on your Facebook status update. So keep it simple but make sure it works. The logic behind this is simple. Always post Positive things in your status update.

Another important thing, you can’t compel your audience to buy your products or services at the first instance itself. First you should concentrate on building trust in the minds of your followers and increase your followers list and then only you can start promoting your online business. If you start promoting your business from the date one, then NO one here to follow you. So remember this always. First impress the people with your status update then tell your business and how they can benefit from your products and services.

2. Provide Right Information

The most appealing updates are ones that offer something, but don’t disclose everything, make fans want to click the site link to learn more about your information, products and services.

3. Provide a Website LINK

If you’re going to provide a link, make sure use Google URL Shortner not only to shorter your website URL but also to track the amount of clicks on that particular link. It is easy to get the right statistics without spending anything. I always use to do this in all my Facebook link sharing posts.

You can easily track how many people are clicking that link and come to your site via that link or any other website when you’re sharing those links. This statistics is very very important for your BUSINESS success.

4. Include IMAGES

Post with Images, Post with Site Link and Images always get highest amount of engagement on Facebook. So try to include at least one IMAGE per post. Image size 800×600 pixels. Make sure your images are in HD quality.

5. Mobile-Friendly

Make your post short and simple and images are also at high quality. So that it is easy for your followers and friends to read your content and also view your images. Recent survey says 58% of the people browsing the internet via mobile-phones. So that is huge. So remember this always. Make sure your profile page banner, groups banner, fan page banners and other images are mobile-friendly one.

6. Engage Your Audience

Simply posting updates and images won’t give you followers. In the same way posts don’t just grab attention, comments and responses do. Engage with people and build responses with them through conversational dialogue.

7. Be Available

Add Business Hours to your fan page. So that it is easy for people to plan a visit. Another important thing always replies to your inbox messages and posts comments instantly. Don’t take too much time to respond. If their messages not getting any instant replies from you they stop following you. In business getting followers is most important task. Because these followers only going to buy your products and services in future.

Facebook SEO - Facebook Business Page - Busienss Hours

Hope you enjoy this post. Don’t forget to leave your comments. Subscribe to my blog to get latest. I will come up with another cool tutorial. Bye.

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