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Google Algorithm Update – 22 New Search Signals to Improve Your Website Ranking

Introduction to Google Algorithm

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Google Algorithm Update – 22 New Search Signals to Improve Your Website Ranking.

What You’ll Learn in This Post

Comprehensive Tutorial for Google Algorithm. This tutorial helps Newbies, Intermediate Bloggers and Professional Webmasters.

  1. What is Google Algorithm?
  2. How it Works?
  3. 22 New Search Signals of Google

Evolution of Google Search

  1. Google began as a research project in 1996.
  2. It started in early 2000 Google AdWords, then Google Images, then Google News and so on…
  3. Quick Answers for the User Query with 100% Relevant Information What they are looking for.

Google Algorithm Update – New Search Signals of Google

22 New Search Signals of Google will decide your Website in Indexing of Your Site in the Google Search Rankings.

What is Google Algorithm?

  1. You want the Answer.You want the Solution to Your Problem or a Query, Not trillions of WebPages, Isn’t?
  2. Algorithms are Computer Programs that look for clues to give you back exactly What you want.
  3. For a typical query, there are thousands, if not millions, of WebPages with helpful information or in otherwords related information. Algorithms are the computer processes and formulas that take your questions and turn them into answers. Today Google’s algorithms rely on more than 200 plus unique signals or “clues” that make it possible to guess what you might really be looking for. These signals include things like the terms (Keywords and Phrases) used on websites, the Freshness of content, your region and PageRank.
  4. Note: PageRank Retired. But Backlinks from Authority Sites taken into account.

How it Works?

I now going to explain you what are all the components of Google Algorithm and how it works.

There are many components to the search process and the results page, and Google constantly updating their technologies and systems to deliver better results. Many of these changes involve exciting new innovations, such as the Knowledge Graph or Google Instant. There are other important systems that Google constantly tune and refine. This list of Search Signals provides a glimpse into the many different aspects of search. Precisely 22 New Search Signals taken into account apart from 200+ Search Algorithms. We discuss everything in this post.

If you’re busy with other work. Then you can watch the entire tutorial as Video at the bottom of this post. I’ve covered each and every topic in Google algorithm. So you need not bother about missing something. I tried my level best to give tutorial both as post and as well as complete video.

How Google Algorithm Works? – Video by Matt Cutts

After watching the above video by Matt cutts now you continue reading the new search signals.

1. Answers – New Google Algorithm Update

Displays immediate Answers and Information for things such as the Weather, Sports Scores and Quick Facts.

Weather Report.

Google Algorithm - #1 - Answers - New Search Signals of Google

Cricket Live Score

Google Algorithm - #1 - Answers - New Search Signals of Google (Image-2)

2. Mobile-Friendly Sites – New Google Algorithm Update

  1. Includes improvements designed specifically for mobile devices, such as Tablets and Smart Phones.
  2. Google gives a lot of importance to Mobile-Friendly Site in their Search Results Pages.
  3. People are 5 times more likely to leave a site if it isn’t mobile-friendly.
  4. Nearly half of all visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds.
  5. The world’s gone mobile. Now, it’s your turn. Users spend 177 minutes on their mobile phones per day.
  6. Is Your Website / Blog Mobile-Friendly? – Test it Here. Mobile-Test One / Mobile-Test Two
  7. I request my blogging friends to test your site with both the above options and see which are the factors really affect your site in mobile devices. Read the Mobile-Friendly Test Report fully and take action. I am sure you’ll learn a lot during this test. Google gives everything in the Mobile-Test Report. So you can solve the issue one by one. After doing that, then submit your site once again to Google Webmaster Tools. I am sure your site will index in Google soon. Remove unnecessary coding and unwanted images from your site. So that your site loads faster than before. Use Fetch as Google option also to index your site faster. Start using Google Webmaster Tools now

Mobile-Friendly Site Test Report.

Google Algorithm - #2 - Mobile-Friendly Sites - New Search Signals of Google

3. Snippets – New Google Algorithm Update

Shows Small Previews of Information, such as a Page’s Title and Short Descriptive Text, about each search result.

Google Algorithm - #3 - Snippets - New Search Signals of Google

4. AutoComplete – New Google Algorithm Update

Predicts what you might be searching for. This includes understanding terms with more than one meaning. See the below image it is called “AutoComplete”. Before typing the word. Google easily understand what you’re looking for..

Google Algorithm - #4 - AutoComplete - New Search Signals of Google

5. News – New Google Algorithm Update

Includes results from online newspapers and blogs from around the world.

Google Algorithm - #5 - News - New Search Signals of Google

6. Spelling – New Google Algorithm Update

Identifies and corrects possible spelling errors and provides alternatives.

Google Algorithm - #6 - Spelling - New Search Signals of Google

7. Books – New Google Algorithm Update

Finds results out of millions of books, including previews and text, from libraries and publishers worldwide. It includes PDF Books. (Amazon and Google Books). All PDF Books uploaded on your own sites.

Google Algorithm - #7 - Books - New Search Signals of Google

8. Query Understanding – New Google Algorithm Update

Gets to the deeper meaning of the words you type.
If you TYPE “Apple” in the Google Search Box. It Shows Apple (Fruit) / Apple (iPhone). This is Query Understanding
See the below picture for better clarity about the subject. (Query Understanding).

Google Algorithm - #8 - Query Understanding - New Search Signals of Google

9. Synonyms – New Google Algorithm Update

  • Recognizes words with similar meanings.
  • For Example: “How to Create a Website” in the Search Box. Google also display “How to Make a Website” and “How to Build a Website”.
  • If you closely watch the Description part of the websites. You’ll see “Create a Website” as well as “Make a Website” in Bold Letters.

10. Freshness – New Google Algorithm Update

Good Example: News Websites & Blogs with New Content. In the below image you see “Time of Content Published” (Hours).

Google Algorithm - #10 - Freshness - New Search Signals of Google

11. Refinements – New Google Algorithm Update

Provides features like “Advanced Search,” related searches, and other search tools, all of which help you fine-tune your search.

Google Algorithm - #11 - Refinements - New Search Signals of Google

12. Translation and Internationalization – New Google Algorithm Update

Tailors results based on your language and country.

Google Algorithm - #12 -Translation and Internationlization - New Search Signals of Google

13.Google Instant – New Google Algorithm Update

Displays immediate results as you type.

Google Algorithm - #13 -Google Instant - New Search Signals of Google

14.Safe Search – New Google Algorithm Update

Reduces the amount of adult web pages, images, and videos in your results.

Google Algorithm - #14 - Safe Search - New Search Signals of Google

15.Universal Search – New Google Algorithm Update

Blends relevant content, such as Images, News, Maps, Videos, and your personal Content, into a single unified search results page.

Important Note: It usually apply to “Real Estate Sites”. Realestate Site Owners usually have blogs, videos related to their properties, content, and finally the list their business on Google Maps. In fact this is the great example of this Universal Search.

16.Google Images {Google Image Search} – New Google Algorithm Update

Adding Images to Your Blog Content not only enhance your blog post but it also help you get indexed in Google Images. Images play a crucial role in Google search ranking.

Google Algorithm - #16 - Google Images - New Search Signals of Google

17.Search Methods {Search-by-Image and Voice-Search} – New Google Algorithm Update

Creates new ways to search, including “Search by Image” and “Voice Search.”.

  • I already explained you about the Google Image Search. You can also use Voice Search.
  • If you’re using Smartphones / Android Phones then you can use this feature.
Google Algorithm - #17 - Search Methods - New Search Signals of Google

18.User Context – New Google Algorithm Update

Provides more relevant results based on FOUR Factors.

  1. Geographic Region
  2. Local Business
  3. Web History
  4. Other factors.

19.Crawling and Indexing – New Google Algorithm Update

Uses systems for collecting and storing documents on the web. Including Content, Images, Infographics and Videos.

20.Site and Page Quality Guidelines – New Google Algorithm Update

Uses a set of signals to determine how Trustworthy, Reputable, or Authoritative a source is. (One of these signals is PageRank, one of Google’s first algorithms, which looks at links between pages to determine their relevance.)

Note: PageRank Retired. Now Google using Backlinks as No.1 Search Signal to determine the quality of the page while indexing any site.

21.Videos – New Google Algorithm Update

Shows video-based results with thumbnails so you can quickly decide which video to watch. Especially YouTube videos play a vital role in Google Search Rankings.

Google Algorithm - #21 - Videos - New Search Signals of Google

22.Knowledge Graph – New Google Algorithm Update

Provides results based on a database of real world people, places, things, and the connections between them. See the below image.

Google Algorithm - #22 - Knowledge Graph - New Search Signals of Google
So these are all the 22 New Search Algorithm of Google. You can follow all the algorithm in your blog. If you have any doubts or clarification. Please send an email to: You can also post your questions in the comment section of this post. Share this post with your social media friends so that they can also benefited from this post.

You can also watch the entire post as video

How to Rank in Google 2018 – Video

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization – SEO Training in Chennai

Please leave your valuable comments below. Because your comments motivates me to write more useful posts. Thank you.

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