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SEO Tips: #2 Buy SSL Certificate Now or its too late.

Important Note: SSL Certificate not only necessary for e-commerce site but Google also insist the other webmaster to use SSL Certficate for other sites also which is not e-commerce site.Google already declared SSL https:// is one of the ranking signal in indexing your site in Google search results. So don’t ignore this one.

I already said this in several occassions migrate to your site to https://

SEO Tips: #2 Buy SSL Certificate Now or its too late.

Migrate your HTTP site to HTTPS

  1. First do 301 redirects.
  2. Create New Google Console in Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Use Fetch as Google Bot for all the post pages and pages of your site. So that you’ll never lose link juice.
  4. Google will take 2 to 3 days to index all your pages depending on your size of your site.
    All images and videos, infographics also been indexed. For that you’ve to once again resubmit sitemap.xml and also use Fetch as Google option.

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