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SEO Tips: #5 Add Your Site to Google Webmaster Tools

SEO Tips: 5 Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Add your site to Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Verify Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt
  3. Verify Your Site Ownership
  4. View Links and Rankings
  5. Integrate with Google Analytics, so that you’ll get entire analysis about site. Including number of pages indexed, keywords and phrases.
  6. Receive alerts about your site including Crawl Errors, Site Loading Time, Crawl Rate, Malware and Hacking Alerts
  7. Use Fetch as Google bot to index your site pages faster

Receive Alerts about Your Website

You can get the following information about your site while using Google Webmaster Tools.

  1. Crawl Errors of Your Site
  2. Site Downtime.
  3. Crawl Rate and Crawl Frequency
  4. Malware and Hacking Alerts
  5. About Your 404 Pages and Robots.txt not allowing the pages to crawl.

So these are all the valuable information you’ll get by using Google Webmaster Tools.

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SEO Tips: #5 Google Webmaster Tools

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