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9 Easy Steps to Increase Traffic to Your Website – Live Demo Tutorial

Increase / Drive Traffic to Your Website Home Page as Well as Inner Pages of Your Site

How to Increase / Drive Traffic to Your Website

SEO Tips: #6: How to Increase / Drive Traffic to Your Website. Comprehensive Tutorial for Webmasters with more insight analysis like Website Statistics, Traffic Tracker, Traffic Report, Traffic Checker and more.

Real Secret behind Ranking on the First Page of Google. After 9 years of my blogging career, now I find out the easiest way to get traffic to not only to the authority pages of my website but also divert those huge traffic to other inner pages of my website.


What Most SEO Experts won’t tell you. Follow these below steps to Increase traffic to your website.

  1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools – Select Your Website.
  2. In the Left Hand Navigation Bar you will see Search Traffic, in that you select the Search Analytics.
  3. Tick the Check-boxes like Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position. So that you’ll get very detailed SEO report of your website / blog.
  4. Below that tab you can also click the CHECK-BOXES like Queries and Pages.
  5. If you want more details about the traffic where it comes from then tick the Check-Boxes like Countries and Devices.
  6. That’s it. Now it’s a matter of time to get into the top 10 of the Google Search Engine Results Pages.
  7. Now you know which pages of your site performing and which is not performing according to that you have to take the decision. You can also add some more images to the high-performing pages, Infographics, Videos and so on. You can also add some more fresh and unique content to these high-performing pages to get a lot.
  8. Finally give some links to your inner pages of your website from these high-performing pages.
  9. Well, you’ve done the home work. Now it’s just a matter for time to get traffic and monetize your website with Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate Program. If you want to join my Google AdSense and SEO Training in Chennai, India. You can call me at this phone number : 9600043710. If you have doubts then don’t hesitate to send e-mail to Hope you enjoy this wonderful super charging tutorial.

Create a lot of Fresh / Unique content, see what performs the best in Google Search Console, go in and fine-tune your content (make it super detailed and try to maximize the traffic you can get from them.

No one knows why some pages rank and others don’t. This is the big secret!

Focus on creating quality content in huge quantities; over a period of time, Google will start to see your site as an authority, which will cause your domain authority rise, and whenever you write new content, it becomes easier to rank. Make sure you go after keywords that monetize well.

That’s it for Today! I’ll come up with some more cool SEO Tips sooner.

What’s your favorite SEO hack to get quick results on Google?

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