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SEO Tips: #1 Website Content and Website Designing

Your website must have great content and excellent web-design. By following this SEOTips, your website will be set and ready to get started selling any product – My ongoing SEO Tutorial series will cover additional topics like PPC, retargeting, building BACKLINKS and bulding an affiliate network, email marketing, and more. So subcribe to this site and get more information about SEO.

SEO Tips: 1 - Website Content and Website Designing
  1. Fresh, Unique, Original, Compelling, High-Quality Content always peform well in Google and also in other search engines. Be the authority on the subject of your website. Be the master in your niche (topic). If anybody raise questions on your topic. You’re in a position to give perfect solution to their problem. In such a way you have to develop your knowledge.
  2. Use Modern Design – Use a Content Management System (CMS) – Mobile Ready – Responsive WordPress Themes for your blogs and websites. I strongly recommend WordPress Platform for my site readers. Because there are 1000’s of awesome featured themes. Both Free and Paid themes available. I recommend go for Premium themes. Lots of Plugins available to boost your site. You can also decide whether to go for static page or latest blog post page for your home page of your site. This you have to decide in the beginning itself. Because going on changing the layout, your site visitors leave your site immediately. They also having difficulty to locate the exact page of your site. So make sure your site structure is 100% professional one. Make sure your site visitors visit any page of your site with single click or maximum 2 clicks they can reach the page. Easy naviagtion is very very important for website success.
  3. Use familiar and popular colors for your site – For example: Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Orange, Grey. So that you can attract your visitors almost immediately when they entering into your site.
  4. Use familiar and popular fonts for your site – For example: Arial, Verdana, Georgia fonts and you can also use Google fonts. So that your site visitors loves to read your content.
  5. Call to Action Buttons – Always give your site audience “Next Step” I mean “Ask them to Buy Your Product or Service”. Put Buttons like: Buy Now, Watch the Video, Learn More, Book Services, Get in Touch, Make a Donation, Make a Purchase, Download App, Download Game, Visit Group and so on. So these are all the buttons which are highly effective to convert your site audience into site customers. Use Orange or Red for your button background color. So it attract your customers easily to buy your product. For downloads you can put Dark Green Button, that will easily attract your site visitors to download your PDF books or Software or anything else.
  6. Ingredients of High-Quality Content – Your content should have minimum of 500 words and maximum of 4500 words in length. Your content should have atleast 5 to 10 images per post, Infographics (if any) will be enhance your site to different level. Adding youtube video also great!! Quotes from famous blog authors also give different dimension to your site. Not only your site visitors but also your fellow bloggers and pro-bloggers really love to read your blog and they become fan of your site. Great quality content always brings tons of visitors to your site and probloggers usually have good relationship with top quality content writers only and you’ll be one of them when you write high-quality, unique content.
  7. Check Your Site is Mobile-Friendly: Test Your Mobile Site Speed and Performance Here. Do Mobile-Friendly Test Now.

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